Better Learning With Augmented Reality Books

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No researcher or professional can deny the importance of books as a very important tool for promoting children’s development. When parents and teachers read to their children in school or at home, the books turn into a language learning tool for children. 

According to an article by American researchers, a child learns or gets exposed to at least 3-4 new words in a day till the time they attain the age of 5. This means that when children begin with their formal education, they already have a vocabulary of 5000 words. 

For this to happen, children need a lot of exposure to the language. Learning language happens in a number of ways like when they hear people talking when they hear stories when they see things in the environment and learn that each object or person has a name. Here, parents and teachers play a very important role.

Parents and teachers consciously need to involve themselves with their children, play with them, and listen to them each time their children make an effort to converse with them. They feel more motivated to share their feelings and talk when their parents and teachers listen to them and respond to them. Studies also show that reading to an eight-month-old baby also has an impact on the early language development of a child. 

Adding More to Books

Often, parents find it difficult how to read to their children. It is important to choose a book that interests your child. Pause and wait where you feel they want to see more on the page. Points out the object and tell their names. Refer to things in the house with those names. Also, ask some questions to your child and see their response. Encourage them to answer and give them positive reinforcement so that they enjoy the process of exploring a book with you.

We now know that reading has tremendous benefits and can be used to promote children’s language. Books spark their interest as they have colorful illustrations that help children think, imagine, and develop creativity. But do all books with words do the same? 

The first books of a child are picture books. These books are designed in a way that they help attract their attention and also help children to connect to their environment. Children learn their initial concepts through these books and in an informal way. The picture books related to fruits and vegetables not only help them to learn their names but also help parents and teachers engage with them in a meaningful way. The pictures of fruits and images of colorful vegetables also let a child communicate their likes and dislikes to their parents. Thus, these picture books also emerge as a strong communication tool for early learners.

Final Words

What if more can be added to these 2D pages? What if children can experience all the content in 4D? With the coming of augmented reality, its presence has also been appreciated in the field of education. Augmented reality books and apps are helping to transform the way children are learning. Augmented reality books create a whole new learning experience that is much more dynamic, active, and making learning a much more pleasurable and enjoyable experience for young learners.  

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