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Tips To Help Students Gain A Competitive Edge During COVID

As the schools shift to remote learning and online classes are becoming normal ways of educating kids, there are still a few things that need to be taken care of to help students get comfortable with online classes.

In this blog post, we'll walk you through 5 tips that can help your students have an edge on learning during COVID.

Stay Scheduled

It may seem absurd to go through a routine when the school has come to the home. However, the significance of a routine can't be underestimated even when students study at home. Going through the similar morning schedule like students would do on the normal school days helps to stay focused when they sit for long durations in front of the screen to study.

Encourage students to take the morning bath, eat some breakfast and even get dressed up before they start to participate in the class. A morning schedule gets your mind and body ready to go for the tasks.

Have Schedule for Fun Also

Now, students' life revolves around the computer screen, but it’s important that the screen shouldn't only be used for the study. Students can choose to create virtual groups to interact with other classmates. Interaction with classmates will help to refresh the mind.

Students can also discuss the doubts in learning or other general stuff which they might want to discuss with friends.

There are also many virtual games that students can play through screen-sharing. Such games are really fun to encourage group activity, refresh mind and generate enthusiasm.

Practice the sanity of Mute!

As school sessions through remote mode are new to all of us, students often, by mistake, do something in front of the camera which they might not want.

To avoid situations that might disturb the entire class or put students in the situation of embarrassment, they should practice the sanity of muting the mic and video when the functioning is not required.

Embarrassment can lead to stress and anxiety, and it also affects the learning of the students. So, students should avoid situations of stress and anxiety.

Also, if such situations arise, teachers should make sure that everything is fine with their students.

Have a Break From the Screen time

Students should have a fixed schedule for outdoor activities. Utilising small breaks during recess time between the classes is the best way to stay focused during the remainder of the school time.

More importantly, it is important to unplug from technology and walk into the real world. Play outside or have a conversation with family members to have a breath of fresh air.

Prepare For the Unexpected

When learning online, there are an array of things that can go wrong with the class: teachers might have connectivity issue, students have connectivity issue, there might be some fault with the device or something else might happen.

Preparing for this unexpected situation in advance is the way forward to ensuring that none of your students is left behind. Teachers might also give some insights into the next learning topic in advance to help their students.

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