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Virtual School — the Future of Online Learning

Since online learning has become the norm, students and teachers are using live classes to connect. Video conferencing software has become the go-to choice for conducting live classes, but these video connectivity platforms lack essential features that are required to conduct learning efficiently.

For example, there is no automated way to take attendance on video conferencing software, teachers manually have to count the number of students. In such a scenario, school management loses control over the teaching-learning process.

Also, teachers have to rely on additional messaging tools to share the resource with students which wastes a good amount of time.

To solve these and many other problems associated with modern virtual classrooms, we need a comprehensive solution in the form of virtual schools.

What is Virtual School?

A virtual school is a platform that has most of the features of a brick-and-mortar school. It connects teachers with students online and enables school management to monitor the teaching-learning process by enabling automated attendance and other essential processes.

The library is a significant component of school learning, in the online mode of learning students miss the joy of accessing extra books to enrich their learning. Virtual schools offer an extensive library of curated learning resources in the form of audio, video and eBooks.

Similar to a traditional school, learning on a virtual school is also synchronous as learners and teachers come online at the same time to facilitate real-time interactions.

A virtual school allows you to:

  • Schedule Classes

  • Conduct classes

  • Take attendance

  • Share resources

  • Assign tasks

  • Provide feedback

  • Conduct Online Assessments

  • Get Automated reports

As learning is incomplete without the measurement, a virtual school also makes it possible to measure the learning of students with the help of an integrated test-conducting platform.

Features of a Virtual School:

  • Video conferencing: for real-time teacher and student interaction

  • Digital whiteboards: to enable the explanation of diagrams and concepts

  • Instant messaging: instant help from teachers

  • Participation controls: making group discussions possible

  • Sub-chats: to let learners interact with each other

  • Video recording: in case, students want to refer to classroom lecture

  • End-to-end encryption: to make sure the learning space is accessible only to learners

Benefits of Virtual School

Organised Learning

Although teachers can conduct live classes on video conferencing software, the school management loses all control on the teaching-learning process due to the absence of attendance.

Teachers also constantly have to switch between different apps for different functions that waste a lot of time. A virtual school organises the teaching-learning process at one place and makes it smooth.

Focused Learning

Unlike recorded video lectures where learners can't get their doubts solved in the real-time, live lectures on a virtual school make it possible to raise virtual hands and interact with the teachers. Students can ask questions, clarify doubts and discuss concepts in real-time.

Personalised Learning

The integrated learning portal on a virtual school lets students access personalised learning modules. A varied range of content types also allows students of varying abilities to learn from resources that suit their learning style best.

Complete Learning Solution

Unlike learning on video conferencing software that misses the crucial measurement part, a virtual school makes measuring learning effective and efficient. With just a few clicks, teachers can create tests and exams which provide learners with the actionable insights to improve learning.


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