Are you aware that it takes more than just your stomach to digest the food you eat? No? Worry not, we have got you covered.

Our augmented environment lets you explore the mysterious working of Simple Electric Circuits, Sets of Teeth, Respiratory and Digestive Systems, so you never get them wrong.


Our Interactions AR module lets you master the concepts and working of two-stroke engine, covalent bonds and magnets. See how Covalent Bonds Form, Magnetic Lines Move, different components of Two-Stroke Engine Work, and much more.

You can also build your own Two-Stroke Engine in the DIY section. 


This module covers Sense Organs and Rocks and Minerals.

Learn how external stimuli activate different sense organs, and what different types of rocks and minerals are present around us in a way that you have never experienced before.


Have you ever wondered how we create clean electricity? Well, it’s simple, we harness water as a natural resource in a hydro power plant to generate electric energy.

In this module, learn the entire functioning of a hydro power plant.


Crafted to inspire the curiosity of learners about the cyclical phase of the space objects and natural phenomena around us, this module covers concepts of Moon and Its Phases, Eclipses And Changing States of Matter.