Art In AR

Give a creative light to the artist in you with Augmented Reality Coloring Books that come live in the colors of your imagination. These coloring books are crafted to enhance the creativity and imagination skills of the young ones.

Stories And Beyond

Witness your favorite stories unfold in-front of your eyes, interact with your favorite characters and delve into the mysterious worlds of amazing things.

Sounds interesting? You can also re-imagine your characters and do much more.  

General Awareness

Help your kids acquire a better awareness of things that surround us. Having general awareness helps children with their mental development, civil abilities, and civic senses. wizAR moulds learners into aware individuals in a fun and engaging manner.


Help your kids learn Basic Counting, Fruit and Vegetable Names, Shapes and Colors, and Alphabets with fun activities like tracing, phonic sounds, games and much more. Plus, it’s not just AR, but gamified AR, i.e., kids have fun while learning.