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The Metaverse
of Learning

  • Accessible and Affordable

  • Fun and Engaging

  • For K-8 Learners


Grades K-2

Grades 3-8

Makes STEM Education​

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Wizar makes STEM learning gamified, experiential and immersive for K-8 learners

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Inquiry Based Learning

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3D & AR experiences

NGSS / Standards Aligned

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Play STEM BASED Games along with your friends

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Complete challenges

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Embark on exciting missions

Collaborate with buddies

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Learn concepts to advance further

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Insights & Analytics to measure skills

Build STEM Projects to progress in missions

Experiential Learning in Augmented Reality

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Customise Avatar

Earn Wizbux along the route

Acquire collectibles

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Earn coins to redeem in-game

Grades 3-8

21st Century STEM skills


Grades K-2

Foundational skills for early childhood


Get teleported to virtual realms, solve real-world problems, sharpen skills

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Create Art in AR, dive into the Jurassic Era or read your favourite story in a whole new way