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Augmented Reality, Flash cards, Coloring Books, Story Books, Early Learning, Children Books.

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Learning is made easy with our Augmented Reality Flashcards.

Comes with sound, 3D illustrations and much more!

WizAR kids Flashcards help build vocabulary, listening and reading skills.

WizAR Kids is for Early Learners. The aim is to use technology i.e. AR to stimulate learning in children by Visual Learning. Children can learn to read, listen, speak and interact.  With visual learning, new concepts are more thoroughly and easily understood.

Why AR is beneficial for early learners?

  • AR helps enhance listening, speaking and reading skills.

  • AR is highly engaging.

  • The 3D objects in AR are as good as real life objects

  • AR helps retain information for a longer period of time.

  • Learning through AR increases the creativity of the learners.

  • AR fosters self-learning.

Why Learn with WizAR?

  • WizAR Kids 4D+ AR products engage the learners visually, orally and textually.

  • WizAR Kids products are unique, creative and interactive .

  • Learning is made easy through WizAR Kids.

  • With Wizarkids, the learning experience is elevated.

  • Gamified AR experience of WizAR Kids makes for a fun, interactive and engaging learning experience.

  • WizAR Kids fosters self-learning and improves their retention capacity.

4D+ AR Flashcards from WizarKids is a delightful and useful set of 30 flashcards for children engaging them visually, orally and textually. 

AR Flash Cards

AR Coloring Books

Each page comes alive into 4D character and looks just the way you have created them.

Go on a magical journey through our 4D+ AR Storybooks. See the story unfold right in front of your eyes in augmented reality.

AR Story Books