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Immersive Environment, STEM skills, hyper world game,

Immersive Games and AR Experiences

Makes learning fun & engaging.
Foundational skills for ages 3-7.
Science concepts for ages 8-13.

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"Play-Learn-Earn", refers to a game-based learning approach where players can earn rewards or incentives as they progress through activities and levels.

Rewards include

  • Wizbux (Wizar currency)

  • and Wizgems (Experience)

Play2Learn, Learn2Earn, Earn2Play, Play2Earn
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Holistic Learning through games!

Inquiry Based Learning

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3D & AR experiences

NGSS Standards Aligned


Games to Enrich STEM Skills
(Ages 8-13)

Wizar’s STEM games are designed to bring fun and learning together like never before!  Choose your Avatar and dive into the magical worlds of the Wizar Universe to finish tasks and complete quests.

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Saransh Kapoor, 10

“I enjoyed the games and really liked the game worlds, even though I was not expecting to like a learning game. My favorite game is The Trooper, it is really fun, and I am excited to play all the levels.”

Laxmi, 9

“I loved Coming Home! I learned about Electric Circuits, which was very interesting. I can’t wait to play more games from Wizar! Will be waiting for new updates and maps.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Foundational Skills for Young Geniuses (Ages 3-7)

Children can learn foundational skills such as Alphabet and Basic Counting in Augmented Reality and 3D!

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