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Immersive Environment, STEM skills, hyper world game,


Create your custom

Where Learning Becomes Play

From LMS to Learnverse

Convert your Existing Learning Management System (LMS) to a Learnverse with Wizar's industry expertise and technology.

Improve Engagement and Motivation to make learning fun!



Gamified Learning


Fully Game Based Learning

Building Blocks of the Learnverse

Learning Trail
Drive Engagement

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Virtual Worlds +
Quests & Games

Personalised & Custom

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Characters +

Learning Rewards

Increase Motivation

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In-game Tokens + Assets & Collectibles

Virtual Worlds

Digital Twins
Recreation of Real Spaces


Fantasy Worlds
Theme based worlds for immersive narratives.

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Immersive Experiences
Individual or Collaborative

Knowledge Blocks of the Learnverse

Wizar Library

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Games (Quests) + Experiential Learning Items

Analytics & Insights

Existing LMS

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Videos, Assessments, Activities etc.

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Analytics +

Quests: Assessments & Activities as Games

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Escape Room

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Maze Madness


Obstacle Course

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Quiz Games

XRLEs: Extended Reality Learning Elements

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  • What is wizar?
    wizar empowers K8 learners with 21st-century learning and skills that make Learning Experiential and Inquiry-based using Game Based Learning and Technologies like Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence to bring the joy of learning to millions of young learners across the globe.
  • What is wizar's Play-Learn-Earn model?
    "Play-Learn-Earn", also known as "play to learn", "learn to earn" and "earn to play," refers to a game-based learning approach where players can earn rewards or incentives as they progress through activities and levels. These rewards are Wizbux (virtual currency) and Wizgems (XP) which players can accumulate and use to unlock additional levels or buy more games. Players can also use their earnings to buy assets in the virtual worlds. 1. Play2Earn- Play games to Learn in proper contexts- Embark on Exciting Missions in unique fantasy worlds! Role Play and become part of the story! Complete Challenges by learning concepts and performing activities! 2. Learn2Earn- Learn to progress in and complete missions- Experiential Learning-by-doing in Augmented Reality Inquiry-based learning activities Insights & Analytics to measure skills! 3. Earn2Play- Use Wixbux to unlock levels and assets! Unlock new games and levels. Acquire assets and collectibles. Customise and upgrade your Avatar!
  • What is Inquiry-based Learning?
    wizar uses Inquiry-based learning which is the process of exploration to find answers to existing questions. It is a student-centered approach where students take an active role in constructing their own knowledge by asking questions, conducting research, and critically analyzing information. It promotes students' active engagement, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and autonomy in the learning process. It encourages curiosity, creativity, and a deeper understanding of concepts and content.
  • How does wizar offer Experiential Learning?
    wizar uses Experiential Learning and Gaming to teach Foundational & Science concepts and their application in authentic contexts, environments, and scenarios. Experiencing foundational activities & science experiments in Augmented reality and 3D allows students to try out and perform activities without fear of failure or the high cost of equipment. 3D & AR Activities are also safer and cost less than traditional experiment apparatus. Players can now digitally perform interactive & immersive experiences, and not just rely on books or videos
  • Which ages is wizar for?
    Wizar has two sections based on age. It teaches Foundational Skills for ages 3-8 and STEM skills for ages 8-13.
  • Which Learning Standard does wizar Follow?
    wizar's educational content aligns with the “Next Generation Science Standards” (NGSS) with a focus on helping students develop a deep understanding of scientific concepts through the use of scientific practices and crosscutting concepts. NGSS Standards emphasize the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in a way that reflects the practices of scientists and engineers in the real world.
  • What subjects does wizar teach?
    wizar teaches Foundational Skills for ages 3-8 including Alphabet, Counting, Transportation etc. Wizar also teaches STEM skills for ages 8-13 which include Simple machines, Electric Circuits etc.
  • What skills will my child acquire with wizar?
    Depending on their age, children can develop various skills based on different modules- Children can develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in STEM while performing tasks to move through levels. Children develop theoretical and practical skills in STEM by performing AR activities and quizzes. Children between 3-8 can also learn communication, counting reading and writing skills with wizar’s Kids modules. They can also acquire general knowledge from these modules.
  • Is wizar free to use?
    wizar is completely free to install and comes with a few unlocked experiences. Children can use Wizbux earned by playing the game to unlock more levels and games. Wizbux can also be used to purchase assets and collectibles.
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