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Join Us in Creating
Immersive Game-based Learning

Create immersive learning games on any topic. Turn educational content into 3D or AR/VR modules with experiential and inquiry-based learning, advanced gamification, and Compelling Storytelling.

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Why Partner with Wizar

Library of tools at your disposal

Building from Scratch

Existing Platform

Building a learning game from scratch can be daunting as it requires knowledge in various learning subjects, pedagogy, technology and design. 

It can thus consume both unnecessary time & resources to create learning games without dedicated teams who have the required experitise. 


Deploy modules on our existing Gaming platform (Available on App Store & Play Store), library of assets/environments and in-builts monetization tools.

Our team of Educators, Game Designers and Developers have built the expertise of Learning-game Development over years.

Truly Fun and Engaging

Gamified Learning

Gaming as a Pedagogy


A lot of learning platforms clain to "Make Learning Fun" with the same old learning resources with elements of gamification added to them, such as rewards and collaboration.

However, research shows that most such platforms have failed to truly engage and motivate children to learn.

Games can be highly engaging and motivating, and they can provide a safe and controlled environment for learners to explore new concepts and ideas.

Wizar Learning uses augmented reality (AR) to create video games that are both engaging and effective for learning!

A Highly Collaborative Effort



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The typical process of creating interactive content or games involves gathering various contractors to create disconnected and inconsistent experiences.


These experiences become outdated over time and it becomes challenging to reassemble the teams to update and manage them.


Our committed team consistently updates our platform, ensuring that you have a genuine partner who strives to provide your users with an incredible learning experience.


We stay current with the latest technology advancements and can effortlessly assist you in extending your content to new platforms.

Create Your Immersive Learning Games

Join us to revolutionalize learning!

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