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Busting Some Myths About eLearning

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

When it comes to eLearning, numerous fantasies and myths are exchanging mouths and minds. Many teachers, parents and students are concerned about eLearning.

Online education and eLearning are often seen as the supportive elements of traditional education; they are not treated as complete modes of education in themselves, which leads to many misconceptions about eLearning.

Here are some of those that we like to bust:

Not Suitable for All Minds

eLearning is often seen as something that helps learners with a sharp mind, but on the contrary, eLearning is capable of delivering education solutions that are adaptable to all students.

On the other hand, the traditional model of education relies on a single teaching style for all the students, but eLearning is capable of adapting to the learning pace and style of the learner.

The Scope of Interaction with Fellow Students is Zero

It is often thought that eLearning reduces the scope of interaction with friends; it means sitting in front of your learning device all day long. In reality, eLearning gives students the option to interact with their teachers and classmates.

Groups and individual chat options are there for students to establish a connection with teachers and other classmates. Students can also do video conferencing whenever they want.

Teachers are Excluded from the Process

Another concern of students and parents is that there would be no interaction with teachers, therefore, if students would have any problem they won’t be able to get their doubts cleared.

This problem can be solved by ensuring that all students have the email address, and phone number of teachers. Students can also use instant messaging platforms to stay connected to their teachers.

eLearning is Expensive

It’s one of the most widely spread misconceptions that eLearning is expensive. This thought comes from the fact that eLearning requires investment in technology and course content.

But eLearning is a money saver for multiple reasons:

  • Zero cost on classrooms and travel

  • Reduced cost on paper and other associated things

eLearning is Complicated

Many people also think that because eLearning involves technology, it’s complicated. But the truth is that using an LMS and eLearning portals is as easy as browsing the web.

So, if your students know how to use a mobile phone, computer and the web, they are ready for eLearning.

However, for tasks such as assignments and assessments, you can provide them with the required training.

eLearning Content Creation Requires Training

Educators may think that creating eLearning content for their students is something that requires training. But this is not the case, most of the eLearning systems offer curated content which educators can directly assign to their students.

Also, the eLearning portals which don’t have the existing library of content are quite a user friendly and easy to navigate.

Using the option to create content, teachers can offer their students, some off-the-shelf info with the required content.

We hope this post busted some eLearning myths for you. Tell us your favourite eLearning myths in the comments.

Note: This post was originally published on our blog.

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