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How to Become a Better Parent With Augmented Reality?

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Parenting has never been never easy! With the advent of technology, the worries of parents have also increased. On the one hand, it offers tools for progress, on the other, it is also the cause of reduced physical exercise among children.

Therefore, it's not incorrect to reiterate that technology is a two-edged sword. However, many experts state that not all technologies are equal, and if the purpose of the technology is to enhance the user experience, it can make our kids winners.

In this post, we'll show you how AR technology can help you become better parents.

AR Reduces Your Worries of Screen time

Screen time is the new buzzword in the edtech industry. Parents are mostly worried about the amount of time their children spend facing the screen. As remote learning has become a norm, parents are concerned about the screen time, like never before.

Parents want their kids to spend time developing cognitive skills and learning new things, and not waste time looking at a screen.

Technically and realistically, the consumption of AR content also falls under screen time, but learning in an AR environment is different from lying idly and staring at a screen.

AR requires learners to move and interact with the learning resources, hence it creates an immersive learning experience.

AR Makes Studying Easier

Augmented Reality makes learning easier by providing learners with a virtual imitation of the real phenomena. It also removes the potential risk involved in conducting experiments by replacing the chemicals with their stimulations.

The ease of personalising the learning lessons also makes Augmented Reality the mode of modern-day learning. Also, practice is an essential part of the learning and AR makes practising easy with fun workbooks and other learning resources.

Reward Kids with AR

Parents should be the primary source of inspiration for the kids. Nothing motivates a kid more than the appreciation of his/her accomplishments. Augmented Reality can help parents to rewards their kids for art and their creativity.

With AR, art and colouring a book becomes a whole different experience. The colours filled in a book become alive to give a sense of achievement to the kids.

The characters created by kids turn into 3D realities and children can interact with their creations.

AR provides a Source of Edification

Often for parents, the behaviour of kids becomes a thing that they want to change, but it's also the most difficult thing to do.

With Augmented Reality, creating behavioural changes is also becoming less tedious for parents. On the behaviour of AR, 72% of the participants showed a change of behaviour even post the AR experiences.

AR tends to produce proteus effect among the kids, according to which the virtual avatar can influence its creator.

Augmented Reality can help you give your kid the right inspiration and direction along with the proper learning experience. Tell us how you plan to augment your parenting skills!

Parents help students to understand and learn the concepts of real- world scenarios with the help of experiential learning in augmented reality. Experiential Learning is the task of learning by doing. Students are more able to join theories and knowledge found out in the classroom to real-world conditions while they're engaged in hands-on reports and reflection. Augmented reality is a new technology that projects digital objects onto a real-world surface and improves the efficiency of the teaching-learning process. It constitutes different thinking styles, creates real-life scenarios in the classroom, going beyond the theoretical nature, and gives creative solutions regarding the problems of contemporary life.

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